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  • Zitta Pro

    Zitta Pro vous offre une du haut de gamme absolue en matière de baignoires et de douches. Relaxantes et énergisantes, Zitta Signature répondront à vos besoins, de par leur style et leur design méticuleusement pensé.

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    81, Théodore-Viau

    Terrebonne Québec Canada J6Y 0J8
    Tel: 450-704-2323  
    Fax: 1-866-735-6885

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  • Amaly

    The Amaly brings you an elegant minimalist design with edge. The uncluttered industrial chic look fits perfectly with a modern interior or adds an interesting design element to a more modest one. The beautifully oversized handle can be placed either closer to the top of the door or the bottom, altering the look from edgy to contemporary. The large door provides a big opening and can pivot on the inside as well as the outside, giving you freedom to move as you wish.


    • Height of 80″ (2033mm)
    • Adjustment of the door panel level by the pivot
    • Adjustment of the fixed panel level by the wall extrusion (1 ” – 25mm)
    • Long interior and exterior double handle in polished stainless-steel
    • Magnetic closing
    • 180° interior and exterior opening
    • Automatic closing and locking at 90°
    • ZittaClean stain resistant glass treatment
    • Reversible left or right
    • Fixed panel and door panel 10mm
    • Soft rolling guaranteed for life
    • Fixed panel secured with a squeeze gasket
    • Chromotherapy option available
    • Finishing caps on extrusions
    • Aluminium threshold with sealing gasket
    • Door stop
    • Frictionless door sill guide
    • Solid door bottom anchor
    • Double vertical seals
    • Towel warmer option
    • Glass shelf option
    • Shower column option
    • Large door opening
    • Safe tempered glass with polished edges




    Zitta Inc

    81, Théodore-Viau
    Terrebonne, Québec
    Canada J6Y 0J8

    Courriel :

    Tel: 450-704-2323  1-855-492-4242
    Fax: 1-866-735-6885